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Your Perfect Camp Scene

Your Perfect Camp Scene 

Items Needed: 

Camp Scene Box Craft Kit (Included in the box)

  1. Make sure you have a flat surface to lay out all your materials. This kit contains a blue flattened box and a plastic bag with foam pieces.
  2. You will start with the blue box, fold where you see pre fold marks. The left and right sides of the box have a slit to close with.
  3. Once your box is built it should have an open window in front.
  4. Take out all the foam pieces, the first one you will need is a green rectangular one. This goes on the floor inside the box, Be sure to take out the precut pieces first.
  5. Locate the tree and tent and place them into the cut out on the green floor. 
  6. Locate the yellow fire and place it on top of the wood log cut out. This campfire goes on third cut out on the green foam floor.
  7. Finally you will use the clouds, moon and stars foam cut outs to decorate the background sky behind your camp scene. These have a sticky back.