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There are many apps that can help accomplish tasks in Scouting and the fun adventures that come with it. Always use technology in accordance with the appropriate safety precautions and your units policies. While smartphones can be a distraction from the great outdoors, they can also be a modern-day Swiss Army knife.

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An offline map that will work with no internet connection. It will show bike paths, sidewalks, and more info for getting around. Check out the video for how in depth the info goes!


Browse hand-curated trail maps as well as trail reviews, photos and activity recordings contributed by a community of hikers, mountain bikers, trail runners and more. Customize your maps. This app is built with outdoor adventure in mind. Great for Scouting.


A detailed review of several different popular PlantID Apps.

Ready to find the best hiking trails, photospots, campgrounds, and adventures around the world?
Heading to a park and want to enhance your visit with your phone or tablet? You can download free iOS and Android apps to help plan your trip and discover the stories that make our parks special.
Here’s a selection of parks that offer apps produced by the National Park Service. For a full list or to download these apps, visit the National Park Service  iTunes  or  Google Play  stores.

There are also many animated Knot apps to give help and instruction for tying knots. check out WHAT KNOT TO DO