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Take a Picture Using the Sun

Take a  Picture Using the Sun 

Items Needed:

Nature Print Paper (Included in the box)

Water &  a container (tupperware)

Objects to place on paper. Leaves, Keys Paper Clips, keys, Removable Animal Shaped Stickers, etc.

  1. Gather objects you like to place on the paper. We recommend leaves, paper clips, keys, removable stickers, etc.  You want objects that will lay flat. You can also flatten objects by placing them under a heavy book for a few hours.
  2. Find a clean flat sunny area where you are going to place your paper.  Gather your objects and have them ready to place on the paper. Pre- determine where you want to place the objects on the paper.  Keep Paper in Protective Film till you’re ready to use it.
  3. Remove 1 sheet of Nature Print Paper, lay it down on the clean flat sunny surface and quickly place your objects on the paper.  Now wait a few minutes and the blue paper will turn white. 
  4. Once the paper is almost completely white remove the objects and dunk the paper into water or run under the stink. You don’t need to saturate the paper. Just get it wet.  Lay it in some place not sunny but flat to dry.  The print will start to appear. 


Pro Tip: If you have objects that might cast a shadow do it at 12pm when the sun is directly overhead.