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Foam Canoe Fun Craft

Foam Canoe Fun Craft!


Items Needed: 

3D Canoe Craft Kit (Included in box)

  1. Take out all the materials and lay them out on a flat surface.
  2. Locate the foam canoe base and the canoe floor. The canoe floor has a sticky back. Remove the paper backing and stick it to the canoe floor.
  3. The canoe has pre cut holes on both sides, make sure to pop out the foam circles. Locate the yarn and make certain it is not tangled. 
  4. Use the yarn to thread through the holes starting at the top. Make sure to thread both sides of the canoe and cut any excess thread.
  5. Locate a pre cut hole on the side of the canoe and remove excess foam. Locate the canoe oars and place them one on each side of the canoe.


Now you are Done! Use your imagination to Play some fun games with your family.

Enjoy this classic camp song below