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Let’s Get Dino Diggin’

Let’s Get Diggin’

Items Needed:

Dinosaur Head & Chisel Tool (Included in the box)

1 Magic Air Dry Clay  (Included in the box)

  1. Use newspaper or tablecloth to cover the surface you will be working on.
  2. Use the chisel tool to start digging into the rock. Be very careful to not hurt your fingers as you chisel away.  As you chisel away at the rock you will start to see the fossil inside.
  3. Once you have dug out the Dino Fossil, have an adult help you rinse it off. 
  4. Make sure your fossil is dry and open 1 package of the Magic Air Dry Clay. 
  5. Mush you Magic Air Dry Clay to get any bubbles out. 
  6. Flatten your Magic Air Dry Clay to about an inch thick. You want it to be a little longer than the fossil. 
  7. Carefully press the Fossil into the Magic Air Dry Clay to make a fossil cast.  This completes Wolf Elective Adventure – Digging in the Past 3A
  8. Let the Clay dry for 24 hours and the imprint will be permanent.