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Design A Day Hike Bag

Design a Day Hike Bag

Items Needed: 

White Canvas Drawstring Bag (Included in the box)

8-Color Fabulous Fabric Marker Pack (Included in the box)

Paper & pencil (not included)

  1. Use the paper and pencil to come up with your design. Let your imagination inspire you to create a cool design.
  2. Once you have settled on a design lay the backpack on a flat surface and get the markers handy.
  3. Start your design with the markers on the bag and Color it until you are pleased with the results.
  4. Let the marker dry for 5 minutes and then put on the bag.


Now you are ready for a day hike around your neighborhood or at one of our camps. Do not forget your mask and to be socially distant. You can also book a day hike at one of our camps, see the link below.

Alpine Scout Camp: https://alpinescoutcamp.org/takeahike/

William H Pouch Scout Camp: https://camppouch.org/takeahike/