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Craft Stick Catapult

STEM Craft Stick Catapult Craft Kit

Items Needed: 

Catapult Kit (included in the box)

  1. Stack 6 craft sticks and tie a rubber band tightly around one end.
  2. Tie another rubber band tightly around the opposite end so all 6 sticks are bound together.
  3. Take the remaining 2 sticks and tie a rubber band on one of the ends. Try to tie the band close to the edge of the stick.
  4. Insert the 6 sticks banded together through the 2-stick bundle.
  5. Tie a rubber band in a cross fashion joining the two pieces. The closer the 6-stick bundle gets to the edge, the more leverage the catapult will have.
  6. Use the double-sided foam to adhere the plastic egg bottom to the end of the catapult.