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Build A Birdhouse

Items Needed: 

Bird House Kit (included in the box)

  1. Open and layout all your pieces, there will be a step by step picture guide in the packet with your wood pieces and twine.
  2. Locate the side which is sort of house shaped one will have a circle window cut out. Next Locate the two sides which will fit into the house shaped ends. Once you have these connected should start to look like a bird house. Step C in diagram
  3. Next you will attach this to the floor portion as shown in Step D in the diagram.
  4. Now you will attach the roof one side at a time. Make sure the pre cut holes are on the top.  As shown in Step F in the diagram.
  5. Finally you will use the twine and run it through the holes at the top of the bird house. Make a knot at the ends so it is ready to hang.
  6. Check every insert to be certain they are pushed in all the way and secured.
  7. Congrats you have built the birdhouse! Now start thinking about how you can decorate your birdhouse to make it unique. Use your imagination, sky’s the limit.