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All About Absorption

All About Absorption 

Items Needed:

Diapers  (included in box)

Black Construction Paper  (included in box)

Ziplock Bag  (included in box)



  1. Place the black construction paper on a flat surface, table preferred. Open up your diaper to the inside. 
  2. Using a scissor cut straight down along the elastic on the sides of the diaper. Cut the elastic right off the diaper.
  3. Once you have it opened, use your hands to rub the tracks on the inside of the diaper onto the black paper. You will start to extract white powder from the diaper. This salt like consistency powder is what we are looking for, it is a non-toxic polymer that is super absorbent. Make sure to do it over the black paper so you do not lose any of it. 
  4. Once you have about a teaspoon worth of the polymer, Pour it into the ziplock bag. You can also rub the diaper while it’s inside the bag to collect a lot more. 
  5. Once you have the power in the bag slowly add water to the powder and watch it grow. It will make a really cool water gel. 
  6. Touch it and see how cool it is!!