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Air Powered STEM Car

Air Powered Car

Items Needed: 

Steam Car Kit in clear bag (included in the box)

  1. Take all the parts out and lay them out on a flat surface, table is recommended.
  2. Take one of the straws and cut it in half. Glue each half of the straw aligned with where the wheels will go on the car.
  3. Take out the white foam circles and stack them in two equal parts on top of the car base. Each foam circle has self adhesive under the removable paper.
  4. Place one wood dowel in each of the straws you glued on earlier. Then attach a black wheel to each end. The black wheels come with a pre-punctured hole.
  5. Using the second straw glue it on top of the stacked white foam circles. Once the glue dries place the balloon on one end of the straw and secure it with the rubber band included.
  6. Now use the two car shaped foam pieces, insert one on each side of the rectangular foam base. You can color and decorate the car shaped foam pieces as desired.
  7. Now it’s time to make it move! Blow into the straw so that the balloon gets filled with air, hold the air in by placing your finger on the end of the straw. Once you are ready, release air and watch your car go.